woensdag 7 maart 2012



 Hello everyone from here and there,

This time a have something special for you. I won a guestdesign in the TOMIC by Magnolia in Sweden. Totally unexpected with my lamb "Snowflake in purple symphony". One of my followers send me an email and congratulated me with my victory. I was flabergasted and looked at the side of Magnolia and saw my winning lamb.
That's why I believe that this bottle of champagne belongs here. No this is just kidding, the real reason of this bottle is the command that I got from Magnolia.

"Make a decoration on a bottle, there on must be at least 2 butterflies"

So I decided to make a butterfly. I am curious what you think of my butterfly. It would also be very nice to hear aspecially from the foreigners a comment. There are quite many people from Russia and Romania who often view my blog and I love to get a reaction from them. Outside English I speak good German and Spanish, so the language is not a problem.

This was it for this time, I hope you liked it, have a good week and until the next time.

With love from Holland,

5 opmerkingen:

leonenkarin.blogspot.com zei

Hoi Dorothy!

Wat heb je daar weer een geweldige prestatie verricht zeg! Onwijs gaaf! Hartstikke leuk gedaan en een terechte GDT-er!!

Liefs, Karin

Nellie zei

Wauww, Dorothy, wat een supergave creatie heb je weer gemaakt!! Die vlinders zijn echt geweldig!!

Groetjes, Nellie

Henny zei

Geweldig Dorothy....wat een schitterende creatie heb je gemaakt. Wat moet je daar veel tijd aan besteed hebben. Super hoor!
Ik kom zeker vaker kijken en heb ook al wat andere creaties van je bewonderd.

Groetjes Henny.

Unknown zei

je trouve ton idée sublime, je te félicite d'avoir eut cette idée géniale.
Je vais prendre modèle sur toi si tu le permet, je n'ai pas l'habitude de copier intralement une création.
Bisous Serena


Hello Serena,

Thank you for your reaction. Send your emailadress to me. dorothy.madereel@gmail.com.
If possible in English, German or Spanish. My French is very very bad.

Love from Holland,